PHP web applications

Every page on is created with a PHP script, and each of those PHP scripts is available on the source page. Currently, most of this source is poorly commented and documented, but fully functional. If you're interested in any specific script, let me know and I'll do my best to make it more useful for you. I welcome collaboration of any sort. Otherwise, improvements tend to happen as I need them.

Mac OS X software

QuotEdit is a Mac OS X application for managing collections of quotations. It's also open source, and again I welcome input.

Mail Log is a Mac OS X application for reading weblogs as email and email as weblogs. More technically, it converts content between RSS and mbox formats.


Check out the AppleScripts page for details on applications.

Cocoa source

wordChecker is an open source Mac OS X application (and class) for checking if words are in words lists. It was designed for use in word games.

REALbasic development tools

I'm no longer doing any REALbasic development, but I once found these classes useful.

URLFile is a REALbasic class for getting the file://localhost/ URL of file locations, and setting file locations from file://localhost/ URLs. I use this class to save file locations in preference files. It is a subclass of FolderItem.

preferenceFile is a REALbasic class for automating the transfer of REALbasic variables to and from a preference file. It is a subclass of FolderItem and requires Amar Sagoo's XML Toolkit (also free, but not included here).

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the software here, please email me (