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Graphite is a free widget for Apple's Dashboard. You give it a website and a number on that site, and it will track and graph changes to that number over time.

With the 0.5 version, I'm removing the "beta" label. It works as advertised as far as I know and has been tested by dozens of people. If you try it, please give feedback in email or the comments below about anything you'd like to see changed.

0.5 added support for decimal numbers.

Download Graphite 0.5 beta (50k)

See more sample graphs

Current features:

  • Three-click graphs: open a site in Safari, click 'Discover URL,' then 'Discover Text' and click the number you want to graph.
  • Multiple lines on the same graph - up to five.
  • Multiple instances for different graphs - infinite.
  • Automatic scaling - any values between zero and a trillion. (Scaling for very small decimals still needs work.)
  • Color coding - click on the preferences tab to change a line's color.
  • Saved values - closed graphs will remember previous values, and lines can be shared between graphs.

Planned improvements include:

  • RegEx support - (optionally) replace Pre-text and Post-text fields with a regular expression, for the more technical.
  • Specific values - show actual value(s) for a given point on the graph.
  • Graph sharing - see what other people are graphing.
  • Your suggestions



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